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Cynthia story

Cynthia Fedrick is the founder and CEO of Beautiful Me. She is dedicated to creating the highest quality all-natural skin care products and is passionate about the company’s mission: for girls and women to see themselves as the Beautiful Me we are created to be.

The fourteenth child of two loving parents, Cynthia was raised to love God, her family, and herself. They encouraged her to set high goals, take responsibility for achieving them, and to serve her family and community in the process. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College with a BS in Mathematics before launching her 18 year career in Information Technology. Cynthia has held leadership roles at major corporations such as Boeing, Delta Technology, Racetrac Petroleum, The Home Depot, and Suntrust Bank.

When her flourishing IT career stalled, Cynthia found herself inspired by God to create something new. In this moment of uncertainty, she knew she wanted to transition to a career that would bring purpose to her life, and Beautiful Me was born. Business savvy and inspired, she established the all- natural line of skincare products with the mission for all women to love the me they see. She developed Beautiful Me with a “not just for profit” business model, dedicating large shares of revenue for projects that would empower the community.

By the six month mark, Beautiful Me reached a thousand customers. Seeing the potential for growth, Cynthia positioned the company to participate in sales events with over thirty thousand attendees. Beautiful Me was also featured at several women’s conferences on the East and West coast. She now leads the company full time, alongside her three partners.

Cynthia hopes that as Beautiful Me grows, the company’s community involvement will become more profound. With God's help, she currently leads workshops across the country with women and girls to develop lifelong skills and character-building confidence.

Cynthia and her husband Leoties Fedrick Jr. currently reside in Bishop, Georgia. They are the proud parents of four: Esza Phillips, Chanel Fedrick, Trey Fedrick, and Imon Allen. Cynthia has instilled in her children the same values at the core of Beautiful Me. She can’t wait to share the message with the rest of the world and help people see themselves the way they were created: Beautiful.

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