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Sugar Scrub

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A beautiful thought from Beautiful Me...
REFINE your skin, REFINE your outlook. Think optimistically. Sometimes a mustard seed is all you need to move that mountain.

REFINE Body Scrub naturally exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, leaving a soft refreshing glow. This sweet brown sugar scrub will REFINE your skin by gently buffing away dry skin and unclogging pores. Specially formulated with a moisturizing blend of brown sugar and oils, this scrub provides immediate results of silky smooth skin. You’ll feel perfectly polished and reinvigorated.

Available in Coconut Ginger Almond, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and fragrance-free Naked

Use: Massage into moist skin. Rinse completely. Gentle enough for weekly use.
Caution: Oils in scrub can make shower floor slippery. Be careful when leaving shower. 

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